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Sins That Startup Founders Commit


7 Deadly Sins Startup Founders Commit When Building Their Digital Product

In this article we refer to seven mistakes that we often observe when dealing with or advising young startup founders from all over the world. It’s not about startup business in general, not about pitching to investors, marketing strategy etc. There is plenty articles about that in the web. We refer only to this short, easy and unimportant time, when first version of your app is actually being built. Let’s go!

Salesforce Marketing Automation - Pardot vs Marketing Cloud

E-commerce Salesforce

Salesforce Marketing Automation – Pardot vs Marketing Cloud

Marketing Automation has taken over the e-commerce market for good – now, if you do not do any activities in this area, you are one of the last in the industry. However, market analysis shows that those who have already implemented the principles of automation into their communication strategy often do not devote their full attention to it while settling only for the basic solutions. How to easily develop your activities and increase the chance of high conversion?


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