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Part 1: Work from home at Lama Media

That was barely impossible and out of imagination to parents of many of us. Nowadays it’s actually a must-have and one of the first questions candidates ask me during our recruitment processes: “Could I work fully remote or – at least – work from home from time to time?”.
Today I’ll focus on the second part – home office ‘cause there’s always the same answer: yes! Why are we open for home office and how we manage it?

min4 minWorking from home at Lama Media

Productivity first

I’ll tell you a story.

It was Monday at 7:30 a.m. when I got to our office. That’s not like me but I really needed to finish my work earlier. I sat by my desk, started catching up on emails and… I couldn’t get through it. We all know that: the phone rang, a few people came with an issue, a kid was crying outside (I’m sitting next to the window and our office is placed in the city center so it’s pretty vivid outside)… I was so unfocused. I decided to get the most urgent matters done and go home with my laptop.

You know what? That was a decision of the day! ‘Cause let’s make it clear – sitting at the office for 8 hours isn’t a productivity determinant. Everybody faces a day when there is a strong need of changing a working environment, you need to be at home because you’re waiting for a plumber, or don’t want to waste time for driving to the office because you have so many things to do that day (also privately).

In such cases some people prefer to work from home (and it goes much better) than staying at the office: distracted, frustrated and – in the end – unproductive, sharing that atmosphere through the team.
That’s why we have that possibility to work from home if we need this, without giving a reason.

Are there any procedures needed?

Here in Lama Media, we have two simple rules regarding home office:

  1. When you work from home, everybody in the company needs to know that.
  2. We need you to be available on the communication channels we use like phone, email, and Slack.

That’s not complicated, and it works. There’s no need to ask for a permission. We trust our employees, and everybody is aware that if there is a meeting or any urgent issue to get done at the office, staying at home is out of the question.

Answer yourself one question

Would you be able to work and focus at home? Would it be better than the office or than a day off? You need to know that because that solution is not for everybody and sometimes it’s not worth using it.

Mateusz, one of our developers, doesn’t prefer working from home. He says: “Basically, I like to have a strong separation between my private life and work. Besides, when working in the office it’s easier for me to communicate with the rest of my team and focus only on my work, which makes me more productive.”

Working from home at Lama Media

What is more, home is sometimes so distractive that you can’t manage to focus on work.

Anita, our Growth Lead admits she sometimes works from home and it’s not a problem for her to stay efficient, but she needs to manage her workspace properly: clean the desk, gain all needed devices and items in one place at her fingertips.

If It helps, it’s a benefit worth using!

Everyone at Lama Media has a different approach to working from home. We don’t use that opportunity really often, some of us doesn’t use it at all. Sometimes it’s better to work shorter one day and catch it up the next day.

But home office obviously has its pros! We’re sure it’s good to have that option and we keep the rules really simple that employees can use it.

If you have no difficulties in focusing and a team can easily contact you – working from home can also work for you!


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