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Top Startups From Los Angeles To Keep an Eye on in 2018

If you’d asked me about my first thought about startups, Sillicon Valley would probably come up to my mind really fast. That shouldn’t surprise anyone—it earned its opinion with outrageous number of companies found through many years.

min4 minIf it won’t be enough, they also have a great comedy TV series by HBO where we can watch the struggles of young tech entrepreneurs. If that is not good marketing, I don’t know what is.

los angeles top startups

Although for many years Sillicon Valley was the single leader of US startup scene, they should be careful. Couple of years ago there appeared a new strong US player in the game—Los Angeles, that scored the title of third city with most startup-friendly environment. The summary of 2017 is not out yet, but we have the numbers about 2016—total funding raised by LA based startups was $4,2B and it was distributed across over 231 startups.

According to the report of Amplify, a Los Angeles startup incubator, city excels in three tech sectors: gaming, e-commerce and online media.

It becomes clear that Los Angeles is no longer just an entertainment hub—the amount of new tech companies that popped up in the area in 2017 is surely not smaller.

It’s a home for many famous unicorns, with Snapchat, SpaceX, Tinder and Riot Games just to name a few, and each year the number in increasing with new entrepreneurs hoping to repeat their success. Some of them will and some won’t, however they’re all surely worth keeping an eye on. We certainly are—below you’ll find a short list of top startups from Los Angeles, that we believe will have their time in 2018:


Earny - top Los Angeles startups

With raising popularity of e-commerce, we can observe some newly developed shopping customs. Great variety of stores makes their customers look not only for the best products, but also for best deals—it’s like XXI century hunting. Here comes Earny—an online shopping assistant, that , by connecting with Amazon, tracks every purchase of yours and automatically requests refunds when the price you paid drops down. By now, Earny collected over $10M of funding.



GameMine - top Los Angeles startups

GameMine develops and publishes mobile games, that are being offered on its subscription-based marketplace to users across 135 countries. Only for now, they report over 3.5 million active users. Founded in 2017, it made a big entrance at the startup scene of Los Angeles with $20 million funding.


Gem - top Los Angeles startups

Gem is a blockchain startup that allows to share the world’s business data with GemOS—the enterprise blockchain data exchange and collaboration platform. It aims to improve transparency for an agile collaboration between businesses, especially in the industries of healthcare and supply chains.


Goat - top Los Angeles startups

That one will be fun. Goat is a Los Angeles startup, that created a mobile sneaker marketplace. Apart selling brand new shoes, it’s also a platform for selling used ones—it developed a process of authenticating and fixing old valueable sneakers for collectioners, which prices would give you a headache.


Pex is a tool for brands and content creators, that offers complex analysis of videos posted online, crawling through the web and tracking traffic and flow of the content. It’s basically a search engine for videos, where you can track the life of your video, seeing who and where is sharing it.



Wag - top Los Angeles startups

We decided to choose Wag—a platform that connects dog walkers with dog owners as the last of our top tech startups in Los Angeles. The app won’t let pet owners to worry about their loved pups—when the walk starts, they receive a push notification and the whole walk is GPS tracked in real-time. After finished walk, they also receive a short report with a photo, notes and distance walked. The app came as a great success (don’t we all love dogs?) and their plans for 2018 seem to be big—the company is seeking $300M of investment.

LA startup scene is full of great companies and even more great ideas. It has not been easy to name just couple of them—if you think we forgot about some important ones  – let us know! And if the startup topic is close to your heart,you may also like our post about getting a funding for a startup!


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