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5 tips for remote job at Lama Media – Part 2

You may have noticed that due to the employees’ needs many companies offer “home office” as one of a many on the long list of benefits. Why are we open for the remote job and how we manage it? Get to know the 5 tips (or golden rules)!

min5 minA few weeks ago we wrote an article about work from home – you can read how it works for us and what Lama Media People think about such a possibility. This time we’ll focus on remote job ‘cause a few things have changed during the last year.

It wasn’t always like this

If you asked us two years ago: “Are you open for a remote job at Lama Media?”, we would respond: absolutely not. Why was that?

First of all – we were deeply focused on building a good on-site team of specialists who like working together. It was obvious to us that when we start to cooperate with people remotely, the team spirit, great atmosphere, and mutual motivation will fall apart (spoiler: we were wrong!). It’s quite the contrary – remote workers, especially the experienced ones, can even encourage the company culture and engagement.

remote job at Lama Media

What was a big obstacle for us in an opening up to a remote job is the fear of a workflow disorder? Our dev teams work in Scrum methodology, so they stick to a schedule of Scrum ceremonies. We were not sure if it would work with remote employees and whether the internal and remote team would be able to communicate effectively and work on projects and with clients.

Change is constant

So why we decided to give the remote job a chance?

That was not an extraordinary story or a well-planned strategy change.

In one of the projects we had been working on, there was a strong need for an additional support. We needed a senior JavaScript Developer for several dozen hours, just for that one project. As you may anticipate, there were a few days to find and hire such a person. Crazy, right?

It appeared that the only way we could manage it was finding somebody working remotely.

We did find, but that first remote cooperation with a developer was a disaster. For that moment we had no idea how to make it work and also the person we had chosen wasn’t the best fit for us.

But we didn’t give up and finally, we’d found that skilled remote JavaScript Developer. We’d been working with him for a few weeks on the project and both sides were satisfied.

What have we learned?

Remote job is the best idea especially when you need a really skilled person ASAP, just for several dozen hours. It’s much easier to find such a person that will want to cooperate immediately.

What is more, if you precisely establish the principles of cooperation with your associate, the remote cooperation can go as well as on-site working.

remote job at Lama Media

How do we work?

#1 Trust first

When there is no trust, no cooperation can be successful. That’s the basis of every cooperation, especially remote job.

#2 Formalities second

Don’t waste people’s time (and your money) – all the assumptions and requirements regarding the cooperation and scope of the work need to be established and the contract should be signed up as soon as possible. The same thing with all accesses needed to start working on the project – that’s an employer thing to take care of – so the person could do the job.

#3 Transparency

What is more than relevant when we think about the remote job is to establish transparent work and communication rules (ex. tasks, deadlines, work hours, communication channels etc.) and stick to it. No more and no less.

#4 Team must know

Employees (especially at small and medium-sized companies) should always know there is somebody new in the team and what she or he is going to work on. If it’s a remote hero, that’s even more important to introduce him or her to the rest of the employees.

#5 Daily communication

People working remotely should be included in a project’s information flow – that’s the best way for PM/PO and Scrum Master to make sure the work goes in the right direction. 15-minute video call between the on-site and remote team members is fully enough to discuss what was done the previous day and what needs to be done that day.

remote job at Lama Media

Choose wisely

Nowadays IT specialists choose and look for remote jobs really often and mass of companies offer such a possibility. We can honestly admit that in some cases and some job positions we still insist on working on-site, but now we know how to make remote job goes well for in-house team and clients and when there’s a chance to work with a skilled and experienced person, the location isn’t a game changer. It’s good to stay open and to have a variety of options when making decisions. The most relevant is to customize the solution being aware of your company’s and clients’ needs.


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