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Web design - how to redesign well?


Web design: little makeover or brand new layout? How to redesign well.

If you’re planning to redesign your website but you’re not sure how to approach it….you’re in the right place. Having an outstanding web design will put your website in the spotlight and create a buzz around. This article provides you with tips and things you should keep in mind while changing your web design. It’s not a complete guide which would take ages to create, everything depends on a specific client or product. The best would be to provide yourself with a great workshop with your developer who will make a redesign so you both can drawn valuable information for a common goal.


Why your app will 100% fail?

These numbers might be the last thing you wished to see today, but let’s be honest….over 70% of startups fail in their first months. To be more specific, it usually takes around 20 months for them to fail (since their first funding). Sounds harsh, huh? But don’t lose your motivation! If you’re thinking about having your own startup & creating an app, read this tips so you can avoid app fail and find yourself in lucky 30% of winners!

SSL certificate


SSL certificate: Implement before you lose your audience!

On July 1st, 2018 Google Chrome will run a major update to your customers’ browsers. Websites and e-commerce without SSL certificate can be marked as unsecured. How could it affect your website traffic? Users could experience problems with visiting your website. Some of them can see only a Googles’ warning instead of your website. You can imagine that this could cause bigger than average bounce rate and a decrease of conversions – as a result.

Input / Output


Input Phase- What’s That All About?

„Join us and we’ll deliver you your dream app” – I’m sure you’ve already been there and went through tens or even hundreds of websites promoting a software development company and their ‘experienced teams’ and ‘innovative way of thinking’ etc. Although the IT industry is constantly changing and companies tend to become more and more transparent, it’s still a bit of a challenge trying to figure out ‘who might be the best fit for my project’. In this series of articles, we’ll be sharing some insights on how we actually approach running a project: from start to finish – from an idea to a full up and running app.

Web App Mobile App - Which way to go. Startup Founders

Development Startup

Web app or mobile app? Which way to go?

So, let’s say you’ve got that next ‘one million dollar idea’ for your startup and would like to make it come to life on the internet. ‘What’s my platform of choice’ might you ask. Web app or mobile app? Here’s a bit of thought on this topic. While both solutions seem quite similar, there are significant differences, especially if you count in the business factor, which might save you some heartache in the long run.


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