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Critical success factors of E-commerce in Poland

The value of Polish e-commerce is already about 40 billion PLN, and there will be even more in the upcoming months. On the internet, we buy everything – from jewelry to cars. Unfortunately, the competition is huge and it is not easy to break with the offer. However, this does not mean that smaller players are doomed to fail. On the contrary, many solutions and technologies are within their reach. You just need to know how to use them. Curious enough?

min4 minCritical success factors of E-commerce in Poland

The growing number of Internet users, prohibition of trade traditional on selected Sundays, brand investments in operations e-commerce, omnichannel, advanced programmatic, artificial intelligence and popularity personalized advertising as well dissemination of use smartphones to perform through their purchases online – these are the main features of the e-commerce market in Poland. Is it worth it to invest in this channel of sales? The answer is blindingly obvious.

Let’s meet your customers’ expectations that are shifting so quickly. Below you can find a few E-commerce success factors which are absolutely worth paying attention to.

#1 User Experience

The key action is to take care of the verification of critical elements in the online store, enabling you to make purchases as soon as possible from any device (take a look at the Most Popular E-commerce Payment Methods). The e-store is not only an interesting offer and a unique look of the website. Quite often, we are not fully aware of which stages of the shopping path can cause the customer to leave the shopping cart and leave our store. In the case where despite the extensive range, promotional activities and great sales support, the month is closed with lower than expected results, it is necessary to conduct UX audit. It will allow you to take on the role of the user and verify any errors created during the creation of the website.

#2 Data collection

Analytical panel gathering the maximum information about the user, input sources or costs. When planning advertising activities, we count on their effectiveness. The basic element that must be implemented at this stage is the analytical panel that collects the maximum information about the user, input sources or costs. Due to the multichannel communication and promotion, Google Analytics itself is often insufficient. Currently, many agencies have a separate service in the form of analytics – it is worth investing a few hundred zlotys at the start to effectively measure expenditures for promotion.

#3 Google Ads, SEM

SEM campaigns are a viable form of promoting our business. Still, for many industries, they can be the only promotion channel. If customers can not see you, they will not buy anything from you. The basic tool that continues to effectively support e-commerce operators remains Google with its ecosystem of e-commerce products. Investments in an effective search engine marketing are still around 40-60% of the total expenditure.

Critical success factors of E-commerce in Poland

#4 Personalization

Customers expect an individual offer tailored to their needs. They expect it to be unique, special – just for them. It is important in this area to choose appropriate target groups and the most effective advertising formats for them. Let’s show products selected especially for the client, let us suggest similar products, inspire additions or suggest combinations.

Also, remarketing – especially dynamic remarketing, which allows you to present to the user who left the store without conversion, products with a specific message tailored to users’ path and the product’s client considered.

#5 RWD and web/mobile app

Making purchases using mobile devices has become an everyday reality. Mobile generates 50% of the profits from online sales. According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) report of Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast 2016-2021, traffic from mobile devices by 2021 will increase sevenfold. So the potential of Mobile is huge. RWD websites are an obligatory item not only for the e-commerce industry.

Users use different devices at different times and in different situations. We should be available to them anytime, anywhere. On the other hand, it is worth leaning over the creation/joining of a mobile application that facilitates the purchase – currently, as many as 8% of smartphone users do not enter websites, and their activity is limited to installed applications. Another aspect is the fact that users are more attached to the brand or store, which is within their reach after touching the phone display.

Wondering what’s the best for you? Check the article: Web app or mobile app – which way to go?

#6 Social Media Promotion

Social media facilitate the acquisition of qualitative traffic and communication with users. Social media sensationally affect the perception of the brand, which is followed by sales. One should remember the large possibilities offered by eg. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin.


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