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Project Life Cycle - Project Deliverables

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Project Life Cycle – Project Deliverables

If you’ve ever wondered whether there is one crucial and indisputable theory regarding a project life cycle, you’ve probably noticed there is not. Depending on a time and an industry each concept refers to, there are so many different views on that issue that you may feel dizzy. Let’s focus on the approach we stick to while agile software development. How does such projects’ life cycle look like and what kind of deliverables we provide at each step?

The very essence of the software requirements specification SRS

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The very essence of the software requirements specification

Software Requirements Specification (SRS) very often forms a structured document form that captures all requirements of the clients’ future software. It’s common for software houses to make that document long, comprehensive and overwhelming. How not to get lost in all those technical terms and descriptions? What should every client know before the start of design creation and basic development phase?


Why your app will 100% fail?

These numbers might be the last thing you wished to see today, but let’s be honest….over 70% of startups fail in their first months. To be more specific, it usually takes around 20 months for them to fail (since their first funding). Sounds harsh, huh? But don’t lose your motivation! If you’re thinking about having your own startup & creating an app, read this tips so you can avoid app fail and find yourself in lucky 30% of winners!

Web App Mobile App - Which way to go. Startup Founders

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Web app or mobile app? Which way to go?

So, let’s say you’ve got that next ‘one million dollar idea’ for your startup and would like to make it come to life on the internet. ‘What’s my platform of choice’ might you ask. Web app or mobile app? Here’s a bit of thought on this topic. While both solutions seem quite similar, there are significant differences, especially if you count in the business factor, which might save you some heartache in the long run.

Sins That Startup Founders Commit


7 Deadly Sins Startup Founders Commit When Building Their Digital Product

In this article we refer to seven mistakes that we often observe when dealing with or advising young startup founders from all over the world. It’s not about startup business in general, not about pitching to investors, marketing strategy etc. There is plenty articles about that in the web. We refer only to this short, easy and unimportant time, when first version of your app is actually being built. Let’s go!


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