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Critical success factors of E-commerce in Poland


Critical success factors of E-commerce in Poland

The value of Polish e-commerce is already about 40 billion PLN, and there will be even more in the upcoming months. On the internet, we buy everything – from jewelry to cars. Unfortunately, the competition is huge and it is not easy to break with the offer. However, this does not mean that smaller players are doomed to fail. On the contrary, many solutions and technologies are within their reach. You just need to know how to use them. Curious enough?

SSL certificate


SSL certificate: Implement before you lose your audience!

On July 1st, 2018 Google Chrome will run a major update to your customers’ browsers. Websites and e-commerce without SSL certificate can be marked as unsecured. How could it affect your website traffic? Users could experience problems with visiting your website. Some of them can see only a Googles’ warning instead of your website. You can imagine that this could cause bigger than average bounce rate and a decrease of conversions – as a result.

Salesforce Marketing Automation - Pardot vs Marketing Cloud

E-commerce Salesforce

Salesforce Marketing Automation – Pardot vs Marketing Cloud

Marketing Automation has taken over the e-commerce market for good – now, if you do not do any activities in this area, you are one of the last in the industry. However, market analysis shows that those who have already implemented the principles of automation into their communication strategy often do not devote their full attention to it while settling only for the basic solutions. How to easily develop your activities and increase the chance of high conversion?


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