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Web design - how to redesign well?


Web design: little makeover or brand new layout? How to redesign well.

If you’re planning to redesign your website but you’re not sure how to approach it….you’re in the right place. Having an outstanding web design will put your website in the spotlight and create a buzz around. This article provides you with tips and things you should keep in mind while changing your web design. It’s not a complete guide which would take ages to create, everything depends on a specific client or product. The best would be to provide yourself with a great workshop with your developer who will make a redesign so you both can drawn valuable information for a common goal.

Brainstorming | Design Workshop

Design Startup

How to Organise a Design Workshop for an App?

If you have ever organized any workshop you would agree that it’s not something easy especially if you want to have a meaningful insights afterwards. You have to pay attention to many details and plan logistically with strong factual background. You would be asked to think outside the box and have a creative approach obviously. So, how to prepare yourself when it comes to an organisation of a design workshop for app? Let’s take a look on the list below.

App Prototype for Your Startup


App Prototyping Tools for Your Startup

Creating an app prototype for your startup gives you many advantages and insights you can use to improve your final version of the product. With a simple prototype you can save your time and budget while improving and increasing user involvement. The goal of your prototype is to show main functionalities to the audience and gather their feedback, so if any flaws are discovered you can implement changes even before significant production commitments are done.


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