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5 Best Apps That Use React Native

The future belongs to mobile devices – it would be hard to find someone who disagrees with that sentence. We can observe an extreme boom of mobile apps for both of popular platforms – Android an iOS.

min3 minNot so long from now, developers have built their products for Android and iOS separately. Change of the tides came in 2015, when Facebook announced React Native – a framework that boosts speed of development by enabling engineers to reuse most of the code when creating projects for different OS. We prepared a short list of famous companies that trusted this solution and based their apps on React Native.

Best React Native apps

Facebook + Facebook Ads

As a creator of React Native framework, Facebook obviously develops it to fit it’s own needs. React Native is used in almost every project of the famous giant, so the effects, such as quick launch time, can be experienced by exteremely great amount of users. Although, the Facebook app we all know wasn’t the first React Native app launched by Facebook – the title belongs to Facebook Ads, company’s first fully React Native cross-platform app. This decision was based on business logic – React Native was perfect to help Facebook Ads developers with handling variables, such as currencies, time zones, ad formats and many others. That laid a foundation for Facebook’s next greact projects with React Native.


Airbnb is another extremely popular app, that serves both travellers and hosts across the world. Each day it gains thousands of new users tempted with benefits of quite cheap and convenient acommodation in almost each part of the world. Much of this mobile app has been rewritten in React Native, and even though it’s developers faced challanges with switching the app to React Native, Airbnb admitted that the code’s reusability made it totally worth it, saving lots of money on development.

Discovery VR

There’s no need to introduce this media giant, but what not everyone knows is that the company offers us a completely new level of experiencing the world. The app enables users to participate in heart-pounding adventures, such as diving, surfing or hiking, either with virtual reality or 360 videos. The UI of this app was fully written in React Native, allowing the engineers to embed the gyroscope and player using the native APIs.


Gyroscope is an app that collects data about your daily life and provides you with precious insights. It can track your steps, you sleep, heartbeat and excercises, suggesting you proper diet or sleep amount tailored to your lifestyle. With dozens of integrations you can also track your activity when working on the computer etc. As Gyroscope’s authors never had any experience with writing a code for iOS nor Android, they decided to start off with a cross-platform React Native app. 


Another example of a great React Native app is Discord – voice and chat communicator for gamers, that shares 98% of code for both iOS and web app. The development team achieved really awesome performances, especially when it comes to switching between conversations and channels and loading conversation history. What’s more, first version of the app was built within only 2 weeks upon the existing front-end.

It goes without saying that the possibilities that React Native gives result in great apps with great performances. The potential of this rising framework creates place for many more applications written in RN in the future and we will definitely keep an eye on this topic!




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