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App Requirements – How To Write a Brief For an App?

That is quite a common scenario: you need a software house that will help you create and develop a web or mobile app that you need. When you choose the best company for you, you’re asked to write an app brief – that’s one of the very first steps needed to be taken before the cooperation starts.
You may be confused especially if you’ve never written any brief.

min3 minApp Requirements - How To Write a Brief For an App?

Look at the list below and get to know, what aspects and app requirements are crucial before developers start working on your product and how to write a brief which let us prepare a personalized offer that responds to your needs.


Let’s start from the beginning. Your company doesn’t exist in a vacuum – the environment affects every step you take. We need to know the very essence of your business:

  • What service do you want to sell by the app?
  • What’s a current company’s situation and position on the market?
  • Are there any crucial trends you want to fit in?
  • A short description of the market on which you compete
  • Your main competitors
  • How do you want to distinguish from others?

App Requirements - How To Write a Brief For an App?

A problem and a goal

If you’ve decided or still thinking about creating an app, you had probably answered yourself a question: why you (and your audience) need it. Include that in the app brief:

  • What problem you want to solve by the app?
  • How you’ll know the product fulfills its function – what are the measurable objectives?
  • How do you plan to monetize the app?

App requirements – key features

You won’t be asked to write a technical documentation as a part of the brief – don’t worry. Nevertheless, you probably have a general overview of what the app will be dedicated to. That’s really important to describe a basic app specification:

What are the functional requirements (what the app should do, how it should work)?

  • Do you need it to be a mobile vs. web app?
  • Do you know what devices use targeted users (tablets, phones, laptops)?
  • Which platforms should be used by this app (Android, iOS, both)?

The targeted user

That’s one of the critical success factors for the app – to know who’s going to use it. That helps designers create a proper user interface and developers make the app works well.

What you should know and write down in a brief is:

  • Who is the targeted user? (a short description)
  • How and why she/he will be using the app?
  • When/in which situations she/he will be using the app?

App Requirements - How To Write a Brief For an App?

Inspirations and designs

That’s really useful for designers as well as for developers to know your benchmarks – apps that you were inspired by while thinking about having your own:

  • What are your design inspirations? (paste a few links/pictures to show the stylistic you prefer)
  • Are there any user experience examples that you really like? (put the links)

Timeframes and a budget

The last but not least that you need to know and include in an app brief is:

  • When do you need the product to be ready (is there any special occasion you need to have this for)?
  • What is your budget for that project?

This information let prepare a personalized offer and get a bigger picture of your idea. It’s obvious that the scope of the project may increase or narrow down during the whole cooperation, but it’s crucial to know the app requirements, key functionalities, and design inspirations. Writing an app brief you should also remember to outline the background: market, main competitors, actual trends you want to fit in. Describe who is your targeted audience and how you plan to monetize the product. And try to keep information clear and precise.

I hope it’s all clear for you and if you were asked to write a brief for an app, you would do it with ease!


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