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5 Best React Native Apps part 2

It’s fascinating how the evolution of React Native is shifting forward. While the popularity of the technology is still growing we can notice more and more apps available on the market built with React Native. Let’s take a look at the 5 of them that you might already know – if not, it’s totally worth of checking them out!

min4 minIn January we’ve written an article about 5 Best Apps That Use React Native.  We mentioned big players such as Facebook, Airbnb, Discovery VR (app offers seamless VR experience to the users or 360 videos  – you need to check it out!), Gyroscope and finally Discord – a voice and chat communicator for gamers. Of course let’s don’t forget about Instagram, UberEats or SoundCloud Pulse. Now, when it’s already the second half of 2018 I’d like to update you with a new set of great React Native apps worth of your attention.

#1 Artsy

5 Best Apps That Use React Native

Artsy is a perfect marketplace for art lovers. With this app, you’re able to explore and buy over 500,000 artworks from around the world. Artsy is connected with over 2,500 galleries, 700 museums, 60 art fairs and the world’s top auction houses. They make sure you’ve access to the most valuable and unique pieces.

While checking their history of updates available on the app store we can notice that they’re constantly working on improvements of the app, adding more features and upgrades to the general performance. Below you can see their web app appearance.

Best React Native Apps part

Artsy’s team of specialists provide you with a great support too in case you need any help. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced collector or you just start your journey with an art collection. For more info and/or to download the app go here.

#2 Townske

Great for people who want to go to those Instagram friendly locations near by!
Recently discovered this app and can’t wait to use it on my next holiday.
~ These are just a few comments about this app available on the play store.
5 Best React Native Apps

Townske is a community of thousands of locals who share with you their favorite places all around the world. With the app, you’re able to explore the best local cafes, restaurants, clubs or shops. You have an access to unique places both, popular and undiscovered yet by most of the people. Through the app, you’re enabled to connect with locals and check their recommendations of spots or experiences to explore. Great content and photography are shown.

Moreover, you’re not required to create an account for such. If you’re looking for an up to date information about your next destination you should definitely check this platform. Also, since React Native is focused on UI it makes Townske faster with smooth load times than a typical hybrid app.

#3 Skype – updated

5 Best React Native Apps

Skype replaced its old style app with a brand new one. By dropping off XAML and switching to React Native, Skype for Mac, Windows 7, 8, and Linux will no be based on Electron anymore. Besides new designs – which are a huge advantage, the main improvement regards performance. New Skype app feels much faster (once you boots it up it runs without any problems – at least I didn’t have any). That’s a level of quality that we’ve been waiting for. Happy to see they proceeded over the old UWP and brought something fresh and funky to the users.

#4 2048

5 Best React Native Apps

Previous React Native apps were more about business and culture so I’d like to share with you an example of a game built with React Native. This one’s actually quite addictive while carrying away thousands of users. It’s a single-player block puzzle game which aim’s to slide numbered tiles on a grid in order to combine them. The main goal is to score a tile with the number 2048. If you think that this app doesn’t deserve your attention just check it here on the desktop version and you will see how it works.

#5 Bloomberg

5 Best React Native Apps

With this app, you’re always up to date with the news from the business and finance world. Everything you need to know in business and finance news, stock market intelligence, currencies at one place. Their rating’s 4.6 out of 5 on the app store. Before Bloomberg delved into React Native they were spending lots of time in developing and updating the versions of iOS and Android apps individually. Quite annoying huh? With React Native Bloomberg’s updates are done for both versions simultaneously. Moreover, code refreshes automatically – instead of recompiling, app reloads instantly.

We can see that React Native is shifting forward and there’s been quite a bit of a buzz recently about the benefits resulting from it. We’ve released recently a React Native app for WooCommerce called WooTracker. With this app, WooCommerce store owners can quickly check the online shop orders. It is available on App Store and Google Play. If you’d like to know more about the WooTracker go here.

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