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How to write a perfect brief for an application

So you have this fresh idea for an innovative app. You want it to be developed as fast as possible, so you find the right developers that will make your plans come true. At this stage many entrepreneurs make a simple mistake that can cause communication problems and serious delays – they forget that well specified brief is the key for your IT partner to truly understand your business.


.05 January 2018

Why you need a brief for your app?

Why it is so important to spend your time on carefully writing a brief of an app for your software developers? First, you’ll have to understand the purpose of a brief properly. Brief is a short description of a project you want to develop. It contains information about the scope, app’s objectives, it’s target group and functionalities. Basically, the brief should help your software service provider understand your business logic. To help you not to miss anything out, we prepared a couple of tips you can use while writing your brief for an application.

What are your app’s goals?

It’s best to start with a general idea of the project and the business. First, it will be really helpful for the software developers if you prepared a short paragraph about your company and it’s business environment. List some of your competitors and describe app’s target group (or a personas, if you have ones) for keeping your design and development user-centred. Understanding who you are will make your partners build a bigger picture of the project, what sure will benefit in the future. With the information about your audience it will be much easier to understand the problem your app aims to solve. The last thing is a summary of your organisational objectives and a business and monetization strategy, as it will be reflected in every stage of your app development.

What are the features of your app?

The next step is providing more details abour what the software should actually do. It’s not only necessary for an accurate project estimation but also to provide good understanding on both sides. Does your project include payments , GPS or any external integrations? Of course, in an agile approach your project can and will evolve, but you should have the most important funtionalities named at this stage. It could be also helpful if you prepared most crucial user stories, showing what should he be able to do within your app.

Do you plan an MVP?

For many mobile apps developing an MVP first is a natural way of product development. If it’s also your case, think about your vision and how you can start with launching a simpler version of your app to test your hypothesis. Then, make a roadmap with what features you’d like to build in version 1, 2, 3 etc. It will help you clear your vision and set up priorities.

Do you already have some UX mockups?

When it comes to applications UX/UI is one of the most important factors that can anticipate the success of your product. Don’t forget to mention already prepared mockups or wireframes, even if it’s just wrote down in your notebook with a pen. It can be a good starting point for the UX team, that will have this basic image of what the user will see and how will he interact.

Do you have any technological preferences?

If you have any information about future use cases of your application or preferences of your target group, you should name them in the brief. Good software development company will advise you with best technological solutions for your project, but first they will have to know your must-haves. Think about the platform you want to release your application for and if there’s a language you’d particularly want to use.

What’s the budget and deadline?

It’s good to say in your brief how much money you want to invest in your mobile application. Although software company’s sales representatives will provide you with the price estimation basing on features you’ve named, knowing how much money you want to spend on your app will make them able to help you choose some right solutions that would meet your budget. Another thing worth mentioning is a deadline. Do you have any specific event are a date the app should be launch by – name it in a brief, so the company could check team’s availability and plan the work pace accurately.

We hope that our post will help you write your brief for an application effectively and painlessly.  In case of any questions nad doubts – feel free to contact us!


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