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Top 5 Big Companies That Trusted WordPress and Won

WordPress has grown over the past few years. It has carved out a large global role as a CMS. WordPress currently runs more than 28% of the entire Internet, and there are more than 75 million websites powered by the platform (the numbers are constantly growing). Let’s take a look at companies that trusted WordPress and won in the IT world.


.10 October 2017

Even though there’s a long list of companies that have trusted WordPress, there’re still plenty of people who consider WordPress  a bad choice for websites. Their criticism against the platform is based on the fact that they don’t know too much about it.

Regardless of the long list of companies that trust WordPress, there are still plenty of people who consider WordPress a bad choice, and have lots to say against the platform just because they don’t know enough about it.

Why is that? Because their argumentation is supported by comments such as “if something’s free, it can’t be good”, “it’s not safe”, “WordPress is not scalable” and many other arguments which simply aren’t based in reality.

You’re probably asking yourself why I’m so in favour of WordPress, and why am I fighting tooth and nail against comments from people who don’t know much about the platform? Well, if WordPress wasn’t the best choice for a website, why would some of the biggest companies choose it to run their websites and apps on it?

I don’t want to give you a lame story, but simply some facts to prove my point and confront the arguments of my opponents. I’ll give you a few reasons why worldwide companies love to use WordPress, and list 5 big companies that trusted WordPress and are happier than ever because of it.

Companies That Trusted WordPress

Reasons why big companies are crazy about WordPress

#1 It’s easy to use

You can install it without any special skills or programming knowledge and then start working with WordPress right away. The platform’s interface is intuitive and works perfectly on every device you would like to implement changes from. For those who have problems, there are plenty of guides and educational materials, as well as superb support.

#2 It’s absolutely free

People like to say “nothing’s free”…But that was true before WordPress was created. Now you don’t need to spend a penny to build a website. WordPress is an open-source infrastructure with programmers from all around the world contributing their best work. You can use code written by other programmers to save time and money during development.

#3 WordPress is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly

There’s no doubt that responsive design is one of the hottest topics in software development today. That’s why WordPress offers countless templates with responsive design. Your website will run on Web and Mobile without any issue, and easily adjust its layout to the screen you’re using. Moreover, most WordPress templates enable you to play around with design elements with a simple point&click. It makes designing your website super easy.

#4 It’s integrated with Social Media and other services

Social Media provide powerful tools, which – when used wisely – can direct loads of traffic to your website. There are many free social media plugins for WordPress. They provide plenty features, so your website can get better exposure and retain users for longer.

#5 It’s safe

Plenty of plugins  available on the market will ensure that no malicious code interferes with your website. If you want to know more about the best security plugins, I would recommend that you visit another blog -> 12 best WordPress Security Plugins of 2017 to Keep your Site Secure.

#6 It’s SEO friendly

We all know how time-consuming and complex SEO can become. Even though WordPress has an SEO-friendly theme installed already, I have to admit it won’t give you the best SEM results right away. But you can choose from several other plugins that will help you with the most important settings of your website.

5 big companies that trusted WordPress

VogueVogue France uses WordPress

Nowadays, Vogue India is one of the most visited online fashion magazines. It gains more interest than Vogue’s paper magazine and doesn’t incur any printing costs. The website is user friendly with a clean and fancy layout. People are able to find latest trends in fashion and news from the industry.

Coca-ColaCoca-Cola France uses WordPress

I believe everyone has heard about Coca-Cola. Guess what, their French website of this popular soft drink company is driven by WordPress. It consists of attractive slide photos together with videos and blog posts.


Sony Music Entertainment also uses WordPress on their website. Their label roster is filled with high profile musicians like Alicia Keys, Adele, Michael Jackson or Celine Dion. The website is doing an incredible work for marketing and promotion purposes. 70% of the website is covered by photos of  artists, music videos and information about the specific musician.

CNNCNN Espanol Uses WordPress

The Spanish CNN website is a great place to find loads of information from around the world. Their articles are written in clean manner. Moreover, you are able to move to other CNN blogs on their website. CNN Spain is a great example of a proper WordPress multisite integration.

Mercedes-BenzMercedes-Benz uses WordPress

Let’s take a look at Mercedes-Benz. If you’re a fan of the brand you certainly should know that their website is powered by WordPress. It’s a great example of a business-oriented website and should serve as an inspiration and a benchmark for other companies.


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