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6 Most Promising Swiss Startups of 2017

Switzerland’s cities, such as Zurich and the near town of Zug, are in the center of European innovations in technology, especially in the fields of medicine, pharma and finances. Located in the heart of Europe, with top business capitals like Geneva, Milan or Frankfurt just few hours away, Switzerland is home to the world’s largest financial firms, such as UBS, ABB or Credit Suisse.


.03 January 2018

With a wide range of accelerators, incubators, investor platforms and events dedicated to startups and fresh entrepreneurs, Switzerland seems to be the perfect environment for setting up a business or investing in one. After analyzing the developing Swiss start-up scene and diverse rankings we prepared our list of the best startups from Switzerland that are definitely worth keeping an eye on – let’s take a look at the products and ideas they came up with!


Logotype of Gamaya - one of the best agriculture startups from Switzerland

Gamaya is a Lausanne-based startup founded in 2015 with an idea to help farmers manage their energy resources, chemicals, water and fertilisers more efficiently. The information about the crops is being gathered by sensors installed on drones with a hyperspectral imaging system. Having an access to this agronomic knowledge and an awareness of actual state of their land, farmers are able to prevent serious economic losses. Over $7,5 M of total funding makes Gamaya one of the highest funded start-ups in Switzerland.


Logotype of Advanon - one of the best fintech startups from Switzerland

Advanon was founded in 2015 in Zurich by 3 friends who met while working in Google. It’s a fast growing fintech startup – an online invoice financing platform that gives small and medium-sized enterprises the possibility to get their open invoices financed by investors. SMEs can get liquidity within 24 hours, gaining the possibility to grow to their fullest potential. On the other side, investors benefit from a high ROI. Advanon has raised over $3,9 M in total funding including VI Partners and Swisscom Ventures.


Logotype of Comfylight - one of the best IoT startups from Switzerland

Comfylight‘s authors got noticed while participating in the BOSCH Internet of Things Lab program in Zurich. The product is a creative home security solution that hides in a LED light bulb equipped with motion sensors and Wi-Fi module. By understanding motion patterns the lamp detects intruders with automated lightning. In case of someone breaking in, it immediately sends a notification to a user via the mobile app.


Logotype of Lunaphore - one of the best medical startups from Switzerland

Lunaphore, founded in 2014 in Lausanne, is a platform that will revolutionize tissue diagnostic. The Lunaphore team developed a disruptive tumor analysis platform, that will perform immunihistochemistry based on a microfluidic chip to help improve the accuracy and speed of the diagnosys. As the tissue diagnostics market is being estimated for a few billions worth, the company has quickly become one of the best start-ups from Switzerland.


Logotype of Lykke - one of the best startups from Switzerland

Lykke is a Swiss Fintech company aiming to build a global marketplace based on blockchains for the free exchange of financial assets. The platform was created to eliminate market inefficiencies and support the trade of any object and value. The whole software being the foundation of the market is open sourced. For now Lykke has raised over $11 M of total funding and the number of accounts has passed the number of 11,000 registered accounts with users from 135 countries.


Logotype of Wefox - one of the best startups from Switzerland

Last, but not least, Wefox is another promising Fintech startup from Switzerland. It’s an innovative insurence app built entirely on Salesforce’s platform. Using the finest technology solutions it connects customers, insurance companies and experts in one platform, making contact completely digital. Established in 2014 as FinanceFox, last year Wefox has raised $5,5M in a round by Salesforce Ventures, with the participation of AngelList, Idinvest, Seedcamp and Speedinvest.

Hopefully, you’ll find our list of best start-ups in Switzerland useful. If you think we forgot about some important companies that should be here – let us know! If you found it interesting you may also like our post about getting a funding for a startup.




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