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Reasons To Implement Salesforce As Your CRM

Back in the day, CRM was considered as a big, slowly operating and boring system. I personally recall numerous situations where a report couldn’t be done because “our crm is facing a temporary problem”. Nowadays, there’s no need for an ultra-patient user to handle the company’s crm for basic needs. In the modern day era of cloud solutions we’ve been provided with numerous solutions. One of these is Salesforce – a cloud platform which is not only a simple CRM, but more a wide array of helpful applications that can help you grow your business. If you’re considering a new CRM for your company, here are a few reasons to implement Salesforce.


.06 December 2017

SalesforceCloud based solution

No need for any complex, time consuming and frustrating installation procedures with half of the IT department in your company. One link, one login – access everywhere you want. Whether you’re in the office, in a meeting with a client or travelling – you can access all of your crucial data in one place. Oh, and there’s of course a mobile app for an even quicker access.

Diversity of extensions

As I’ve mentioned, Salesforce is not only a basic sales CRM to manage your prospects, sales opportunities and accounts. Although it’s sales feature is top-notch, there are additional extensions that go way beyond your expectations. There’s Pardot for marketing automation (campaigns A/B testing , defining personas, customizable CTAs, analytics), a Big Data and BI platform, and, for those who look up to the next big thing, an AI platform called Einstein.

Building new apps in Salesforce

Okay, you didn’t receive the feature that your company needed? No worries, Salesforce’s app framework Apache allows the integrator to develop a new app to meet your business needs inside Salesforce’s environment. Rather than seeking a software company to build a separate, standalone web application, you can ask your Salesforce integrator to build an app within the platform with no sweat.

Salesforce app exchange

So, once a company develops an app in Apache, it will be stored in App Exchange, where all of the custom build applications are stored and ready to implement straight to your Salesforce account. The App Exchange is constantly growing thanks to Salesforce’s Partners, which mostly are reliable software development companies that also specialize in implementing this system.

One thing is really crucial however while implementing this piece of software. The integration (meaning: the software company that conducts the implementation of the platform). The better the company is at establishing your business goals, needs and pain points, the bigger the chance of a quick and effective implementations. Salesforce has a really complex verification procedure for companies wanting to join the Salesforce Partnership program. Therefore, you’re next to being sure, that your certified Salesforce integrator will provide you top-notch implementation service.

For those of you who’d like to start slow, you can also sign in for trial account and have a glimpse of how Salesforce might benefit your company today.


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