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Online Promotion for Your Product with AdWords [FREE EBOOK]

Doesn’t matter if you are starting with online promotion, or just trying to get better results being already on the ads market. Looking for new digital marketing solutions is a must if you want to stay ahead of your competitors but do not forget about digital marketing classics. With good preparation you can start best online promotion you should get with Google AdWords. In this article we are giving you a spark of our hot e-book about AdWords and how to check your performance.


.30 November 2017


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A great plan for online promotion campaigns

Before you start any online promotion – not only AdWords – you need to plan things out. Ask yourself few questions:

  • what keywords will people directly searching for my product use?
  • what are their intentions?
  • are there additional ways to target them with my online promotion?
  • what channels are best for me?
  • what types of campaigns can I use in best possible way?

Example of a Good Online Promotion Plan

Let’s create an example. We have an e-commerce shop that needs online promotion for red high heels. We are going to plan:

  • a campaign for keywords with shoes, red shoes, high heels,
  • we might test if keywords about “shoes matching the dress” would work in the second one,
  • we might test if keywords about looking for style for a special occasion might work, ie. “shoes for New Year’s Eve”,
  • remarketing campaigns – as it is needed to close deals with overall online promotions,
  • shopping campaigns – because this is a chance as an e-commerce to use it in online promotion of our shop.

Second and third one aren’t so obvious – but that is the thing about keywords research for intentions, not only about “which word matches the stuff in my shop?”.

Keep your quality as good as possible!

quality score approved

Always keep the quality of your campaign as high as possible at the current state. I’ve seen many AdWords campaigns done with poor quality that, although they were somehow effective, could have done much better. You might ask “Why should I bother with every detail then?”. Simple answer – every ads market is very competitive and rules are equal for everyone. One variable of your performance is the cost. Second one is the quality of keywords, extensions, website and optimization. If you don’t pay attention to your online promotion quality, you simply pay much more than it is needed.

The best quality measure is your Quality Score for keywords. To get the intended results, try matching your ads with keywords, landing pages and extensions, so Google algorithm will give you a much higher Quality Score.

Quality Score is a part of ad rank – so getting higher Quality Score will get you higher positions and better CTR, and as a result, it will lower the cost per click for your improved keywords.
Recently, we worked on a campaign for one of our clients to match landing pages and fit the ads better and the results let us bid less for more clicks as we moved with optimization for online promotion of his product:

 online promotion results with quality

As you can see, improving quality score from around 3,3 to 7,5 let us bid just a little higher to earn 4 times more clicks for much less CPC cost. We lowered CPC from around 2,50 $ to 1,80 $. This had a huge impact for overall account performance.

Free Alpacorn Infopack

If you are interested in getting to know more about starting online promotion campaign, feel free to visit – Digital Marketing Agency. We are giving away for free our Infopack that might come handy in improving your online promotion. It’s an easy way to get into basics of AdWords and check your performance or decide how you want to create your online promotion campaign in the future.


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