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Why Node.js May Be Actually Faster Than Ruby on Rails?

Node.js and Ruby on Rails are one of the most popular solutions for web application development. As an entrepreneur, you might be considering various environments for your next project and think of various factors. Probably, one of the most important ones will be the speed of development, as it seriously affects project’s lenght and cost.


.21 December 2017

In common opinion Rails is the perfect framework for fast development, but before making any final judgement you should get familiar with a couple of reasons why Node.js may appear as same beneficial in the context of development speed.

Node.js ruby on rails development

Single Codebase

The first and most argument in favour of the statement – Node.js allows programmers the opportunity to write both client-side and server-side. There’s no need to hire specialists for front-end and back-end separately, unlike in Ruby on Rails projects – the two teams are actually merged into one. That fact makes a huge contribution to time efficiency since it allows developers to send and synchronize data between these two sides easily, without wasting time on context change.

Node.js has much better performance than Ruby on Rails

Speed advantages do not limit down to the speed of development. Comparing Node.js with Ruby on Rails in the matter of app performance we don’t give any chance to Rails. Powered by Google’s V8 engine, Node technology demonstrates really impressive running speed. Due to its high performance and scalability opportunities many big companies have decided to switch to Node.js in their products. Some names may appear familiar – Netflix, PayPal, Uber, Medium or Linkedin. Linkedin, a well-known professional social network, has replaced the parts of their Rails back-end with Node.js, what allowed them to increase the performance for some particular scenarios even up to 20 times, using only 3 servers instead of 30.

Perfect for Real-Time Apps

Node.js presents really well when it comes to data streaming. Both developers and users will feel its advantages over Ruby on Rails when implementing some solution that would process files during their upload, what makes it a great choice for real-time app development. I might be particularly useful for projects that aim to use video or audio in a real time.

So, when in doubt what technology to use in you next project – Node.js would be a perfect fit for you if fast development and performance are what you’re looking for. Hopefully, this short text will be help you make a decision about the right environment for your app. If the topics of fast development and improvements are your interest – get familiar with our thoughts on why React is a perfect time-saver!



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