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Why You Should Build Your Next Application With React

React, a Facebook library for building composable user interfaces, has recently become extremely popular among developers. Although there are other similar tools, like Angular or Backbone, React is known for solving business problems, not only technical ones. If you are considering to build your next product in this technology, we have a few reasons how you could benefit from it.


.20 October 2017

react application#Efficiency Improvement

By eliminating direct interaction with the DOM, it results in a massive reduction of deployed code size. That makes it lighter and faster than Angular or Backbone, added to that, React applications work without reloading. It is common practice to improve the user experience when utilising the skeleton loading solution. There is one outcome of these actions – the application will seem  much, much faster. React was also designed having SEO in mind – it sends a completely rendered page from either the server or the client to the browser.

#Faster Development

React is based on components, which means that after you translate a design into code you can easily reuse components from across the application, and even change a whole module, saving precious time. What’s more, the component approach makes the application much more atomic and testable.

#Maintenance Cost Reduction

React’s reusable components make adding new features and implementing minor changes much easier. Another benefit is that developers and QAs will be able to easily find and isolate bugs with React specific developer tools for browsers, which are provided by Facebook. It gives you information about which component was used to generate a particular piece of UI.

#Low Risk

There are lots of reasons why we need not worry about the future of React – the library is constantly updated and developed by Facebook, who continually invest in it. Messenger, Instagram, Newsfeed and Ads Marketplace are based solely on it. It is not the only big player using this technology – it is also used by other large companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, Paypal and many more. Also the React community is unquestionably expanded, what means that lot of problems have already been discussed and solved.


And if you want to know more about React’s benefits and how to start working with this library – read our interview with Nader Dabit, who teaches React across the world.



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