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Use These 4 Marketing Tools and Make Your WordPress Website Even More Awesome

If you’re either an entrepreneur, marketing wizard or just a fan of everything digital and web-based, you know how crucial for your website is to have proper attention (or ‘traffic’). In the modern age, where more and more of the company/brand’s presence is built in the web, good marketing practices equals good business. So, what marketing tools should you implement to your WordPress website? Check out this set of 4 marketing tools that will make your life much easier, especially when you’re using WordPress as your CMS.


.19 October 2017

So you decided to take your website to the next level and equip yourself with some advanced marketing tools. Do you go big and implement a 18-wheeler type system that eats up your whole marketing budget? Well, if you have unlimited $ to spend, then yes – go for it! But we highly recommend starting small and taking one step at a time. What can you do is select a few neat WordPress plugins that will help you improve your website’s marketing and performance without any major one-off costs.

ACF (AdvancedCustomFields)

ACF is a really cool tool to help you build, add and edit all of the custom fields on your website. The feature is integrated with the WordPress CMS so no fuss, it’s really easy. For those who need to welcome your website’s user with the most crucial information about your product/service, ACF is the way to go. What is really great is that the provider’s website is full of tutorials, field examples and code suppport so you have pretty much everything covered.

Simple Page Tester

To all fellow digital marketers, I’m sure you had at least one or two projects where A/B testing was a crucial factor in optimizing your website or landing page. Was it a pain and took more time than necessary? Try this little baby, you won’t regret it. Our developers were really stoked with the easiness of working with this marketing tool – a maximum implementation time of 3 hours is one headache less for you. A/B testing with WordPress made simple 🙂


Here it is – the e-mail marketing juggernaut. I’m sure that if you did your research about marketing tools, you’ve definetely didn’t miss this one. We’ve been using this one for 18 months (and deployed our company newsletter with that) and also introduced it to our client’s projects. It safe to say that modern looking, customizable and easily managable e-mail campaigns wouldn’t be possible without this tool. Feel free to test it and find out for yourself. It is barred by different pricing models, but it has also a freemium option for campaigns containing less than 2,000 subscribers.


Let’s be fair, we can talk all day about your commitment to having good marketing tools and how good of a job you did on making sure you’re WordPress website is top-notch. BUT, if you’re not visible in Google, then it’s not that worth it. However, there is one small tool that is a complete must for WordPress maniacs – Yoast SEO. Basically, it’s a plugin that measures the draft of your next blog post and shows you all of the crucial SEO-related information: whether you have proper keyword usage, number of characters, good metatags ect. If you’re running your company blog and would like to hit big numbers thanks to a good SEO rank, you need to have your posts adjusted to SEO standards. In Lama Media, the implementation of Yoast SEO has became a development standard – we also take into account that event the best looking/functional/performing website needs to have good organic reach. We highly advise it, go check it out!


So there you have it folks. Remember keep it simple from the get-go, choose wisely and feel free to comment your thoughts and your stories about implementing some marketing tools for your WordPress website. Until next time, peace!


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