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Essentials of React Native – KnowJS First Edition Summary

Earlier this month we hosted KnowJS: React Native – the first edition of KnowJS, our recurring event dedicated entirely to JavaScript. About 80 professionals and JS enthusiasts gathered with us to network, share experiences and learn more about React Native with the field’s unquestionable guru, Nader Dabit.


.21 September 2017

React and React Native KnowJS Wrocław event with Nader Dabit The beginnings of KnowJS

To understand where the idea of hosting React and React Native event came from, we should take a step back, to the beginning of 2017, when the Scrum Master at Lama Media came up with this great idea to host internal educational meetings in our office.

Every two weeks one of us would have an opportunity to share their Java Script knowledge and skills or simply just talk about the IT topic their particularly passionate about. Listening to these mini-lectures combined with workshops allowed those attending to gain a better understanding of JS.

We loved the initiative so much, that a couple of months later we decided to take it a step further and contribute our knowledge to the Wroclaw IT community by hosting the series of open events dedicated to JavaScript.

Turning an idea into event

Why did we choose React as the subject of KnowJS’ first edition? Even though his framework and the number of applications written in it is huge in the US, it’s still a new topic in Poland.

As we believe the framework is about to become even more popular due to the opportunities it creates for business and development, Lama Media wanted to begin building a strong React community in our city.

Thanks to our speaker Nader Dabit, a software consultant specializing in teaching React and React Native, we had an opportunity to get to know more about React Native through presentations followed by interesting discussions.

React Native Know JS event Wrocław Nader DabitReact Native KnowJS Wrocław event with Nader Dabit

What have we learned About React Native?

Nader started his lecture with listing the pros and cons of React Native and a quick comparison with other solutions such as Weex or Flutter. He gave us great examples of successful React Native apps, such as Facebook, Instagram or Airbnb, which created topic for additional discussion. Our guests also recieved information also on development tools, such as X-code or Expo, which was combined with boilerplates for developers to base their new React Native projects on.

KnowJS event Wrocław Nader Dabit Michał Kuzborski Michał Tomala

Would you like to learn more about the topic? Take a look at Nader’s React Native presentations: Native App Development for Web Developers and Cross Platform & Beyond.

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