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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Hiring a Remote Development Team – 4 Reasons

The world is a big place. There are a lot of countries to consider: Argentina, India, Poland or Ukraine. The bottom line is, there are a lot of great software development companies outside of the US, who can deliver on time and on budget.


.25 October 2017

“Wait, wait… I’m not fine with spending my whole budget on a random team who I know nothing about…”

Yes, working with a new vendor is always a bit of a risk, but then again, even when you work with a new local vendor you are still taking a risk. Come on, it’s not that scary–just remember to do your research. What kind of research? Well, we would recommend a few key points to contemplate:

  • company reviews
  • have a look at their website to check their previous projects
  • do your social media research
  • ask their clients

I’m pretty sure that you are a well read, educated professional who knows how to talk with new associates, partners, vendors or clients. Therefore, why not just reach out to your remote development team of choice? You can simply write them an email about your project, and then, most likely, you will be asked to jump on a Skype call so you can be introduced to the team. In that case, you will have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered and, most importantly, get to know the people who you may possibly work with. In some cases you may even be surprised by an invitation to grab a coffee, either at your office or at your favourite coffee joint.Remote Development


  1. They are professional, just like that big software company down the street – let’s be realistic, even though it is an remote development team, if it is based in an emerging or established economy it can still be pretty top-notch in terms of their developers.
  2. On budget – usually companies in these countries have cheaper overheads. For example, office rental and personnel costs. Can you hear that “k’ching” sound?
  3. You are still secured by a legitimate contract (of course, if they don’t provide you with a reasonable contract, they should be written off your list of potential vendors). Risk management policy? You betcha!
  4. Pretty much the same type of people who you usually work with. Why? Come on, we in Central Europe also go to Starbucks, watch Netflix and use iPhones or Macs. Globalization and modern technologies have done a really good job in establishing more commonalities between different countries. Why not take advantage of that.


In short, you don’t have to take our points above too seriously. But then again, if you do your research properly, you could walk away with a solid development partner for the next few years–leading to your proud announcement “I’ve met my IT/Marketing budget” at your next board meeting. Yay!

If you feel convinced and want to know how to maintain good communication with your remote development team – read on!


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