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How to Organise a Design Workshop for an App?

If you have ever organized any workshop you would agree that it’s not something easy especially if you want to have a meaningful insights afterwards. You have to pay attention to many details and plan logistically with strong factual background. You would be asked to think outside the box and have a creative approach obviously. So, how to prepare yourself when it comes to an organisation of a design workshop for app? Let’s take a look on the list below.


.22 December 2017

There are people who would say that workshops are a complete waste of time. Well, that would be true but only if they’re done wrong….you would waste both your time and money. But if you have a good plan, there are a number of detailed lessons that can be learned. How you should organize your workshop depends on the specific matter and covered topic. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get started.

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Before your design workshop for app:

1. Why are you actually doing that workshop?

In this step you have to define your main goal/s. In other words, what you want to gain from the meeting: whether it is a better understanding of the app idea or its functionality. If you don’t set the objectives you want to discuss, there is no point in bringing people together and having a meaningless talk.

2. Who should be there?

Okay, so you ask your mom or uncle to come and listen? I bet they would be proud but hey, let’s be modest and minimize a number of attendees. It’s not that kind of workshop where you want to spread the knowledge in a school way. You actually set your goals and want to find out a detailed solution to each objective during brainstorming. More people equals more distraction so when you organize a workshop for your app decide whose presence is essential and who would contribute to the meeting the most.

Design Workshop for Your App3. What’s the right place?

When you already have the right people you have to find the right place. How I said before, there shouldn’t be many attendees, hence conference room would be just fine. Interior decoration should promote concentration, good lightning would be great too. I know this sounds ridiculous or obvious for some of you, but trust me, I’ve been on many workshops and sometime I felt like entering the Mordor. Also, make sure that all participants will be able to see the visual aids. Prepare all equipment before. Board, markers, projector….whatever you need to discuss the design of your app. Don’t forget about the catering facilities. No one wants to stay thirsty. Besides, if workshop is quite long it would be smart to have catered food at the place rather than schedule a long break so that everyone can grab something to eat from a local cafeteria.

4. How to plan it?

How I mentioned before, you have to organize it logistically. Create an agenda with a detailed plan of subsequent objectives (don’t forget about breaks). When you already have it (here is my favourite template), print the agenda and give it to all participants, they will be able to prepare themselves before the meeting and later take notes on it. More detailed plan will ensure that your brainstorming will run to schedule and you will find answers to your questions.

5. Are you prepared?

Lastly, you have to make a research and prepare yourself (content, presentations, visuals etc.) Obviously there has to be someone who will run and supervise the workshop. If presentation is a part of your role practice a little bit before. And oh! Notes! Delegate someone to take the notes. Without writing down you might miss something valuable.

Any doubts? We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. Get in touch with us 🙂


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