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How to Choose The Right Software Development Company?

Okay, so you’ve got your awesome idea for a business in the digital world and a solid MVP in mind. Budget – check. Goals – check. The right software development company – well, not yet. So, is it hard to choose the right vendor? Well, as always in life – it depends. In today’s world, especially in the digital world, there’s sometimes more choice than you need. In this article we’ll showcase some crucial tips on how to choose the right software development company for your next project.


.09 November 2017

Whether you need a new website for your company or you’re planning a new web application to support your business idea, the right software development company will be one of the most important decisions for the project that you have in mind. We’d like to share a few tips to help you make the right decision that will benefit you in terms of the budget and also, and most importantly – in terms of both maintaining a ‘satisfied client’ and ‘growing’ your business:

Start with review websites

This is quite an obvious suggestion. If you’re looking for a proper software development company, chances are that they take themselves seriously enough to have their portfolio shared on a well-known industry website – ClutchDribbble or Awwwards, to name but a few. If they want to be seen on the web – they most definitely are to be seen on these websites. A good software development company without a proper web presence isn’t a good company. Case closed.

Talk to their sales team (or representative)

I know, we very rarely want to talk with sales reps, worried that we might get tricked or just be sold an impression of how awesome the company is. Usually however, companies operating in the digital industry tend to hire more people with this age-old character trait called ‘common sense’. Therefore, just look for little things – do they reply in a timely manner once you’ve sent an inquiry e-mail? Do they ask business-relevant questions about your project? Do they engage in a conversation and are they being proactive? The bottom line is: a good, trustworthy and reliable company will hire good, trustworthy and reliable sales reps.

How to choose software development company? Read our blog and learn more! Lama Media

Ask their clients (you didn’t see that coming, right?)

This is a game-changer. If you’re able to track down the people who are on the client-side during the development of the project, have a chat with them – you’ll get all of the crucial information to decide which software development company will handle your next project. We suggest using the following questions:

  • “Did they help you (or even challange) to develop your business idea?”. Contrary to popular beliefs, a company which is willing to challenge a client’s vision or idea is a company that has experience and knowledge. Additionally, it shows that the company wants you to succeed rather than just cash in on your budget. The approach that we have is to make sure that both sides have the same understanding of the business goals behind the project. Prior to the start of the development phase, we conduct a so-called ‘Input Phase’ which is a series of consultations with the Client, during which we gather information on all of their materials, benchmarks, and business priorities and as a result, we provide the first draft of the design. Sounds sweet? You betcha!
  • “Were they on time and on budget?” – I’d consider this self-explanatory. However, be aware that working in Scrum (which we highly recommend) also requires transparency and discipline from the client. Not providing all of the necessary materials or missing the sprint review with the team? The joke’s on you.
  • “Were they transparent when something went wrong?” Okay, I know that you’d like to have your product/service built with no sweat, but the reality is quite often different. A software development company is aware of reality and the ones that have integrity will inform you when something goes wrong – this is how it is. But, the ones worth working with will also provide you with a solution to a problem.

So there you have it, just a few steps (who has the time in this day and age?) and you’ll have a better chance at having the right software development company build your next project.

If you’d like to talk with us about your project – just drop us a line – our common-sense sales reps will be happy to contact you 🙂




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