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How to Set Up a Business Call With Australia

Australia is a rapidly growing country where flourishing economy together with superior infrastructure provides great ground for business and investments. Australia’s investors can be transparent and avoid problems because the environment provides them with confidence and security, hence you might want to consider them as your contractors. Due to time zone differences you could see problems arising from scheduling a call with someone on the other side of the Pacific. That’s why we’ve made these guidelines for business calls with Australia.


.12 October 2017

If you need to make a business call with prospect in Australia you have to take a few important factors into consideration. Let’s assume you’re based somewhere in Europe and there is no option to fly over there. What then?

We want to present 4 steps which, when followed, will provide you with necessary fundaments for your communication process and (hopefully) lead to big deals! Let’s see how quick and simple it is!

Business Call With Australia

#1 Schedule your business call

Keep in mind that you’re in different time zones and set a time that suits both of you. It might be tricky because your workday might be beginning just as they are falling asleep. But you don’t want to make business call during night or force your business partners to do the same. Be as flexible as possible for your mutual benefit.

#2 Send invitations to attendees

Once you’ve got the time right, go to your calendar to send an invite to the call to all attendees. They’ll probably get a notification once you do, but you can also let them know with a text or email to make sure they receive it.

#3 Exchange contact details with others

We’re missing one more important detail – contacts! Before the business call you need to provide your phone number / Skype id / Google Hangout link. Message your contact details and the call details to your Australian contact at least a few days in advance — this way you have time to follow-up and reschedule if they don’t respond.

#4 Let’s make a deal!

You’re done, and ready to have a professional convo with your Australian business partners. Make sure you’re carefully prepared with questions and answers on your side. Moreover, quiet and comfortable environment would be additional advantage.

For any additional information such as Australian national and city codes or their local time you can click here.



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