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New AWS Products of 2017: Summary

Amazon is a vast online enterprise that sells almost everything. It was founded in 1994 and has kept growing ever since. They challenge other companies with their dynamic processes and enormous number of services or products they offer. Recently they held a real kicker event in Las Vegas – a cloud services information conference for professionals and peers interested in their products. During the event, Amazon announced many great products which can revolutionize the market with great solutions.


.10 December 2017

One of the most fabulous learning conferences held in Las Vegas presented great range of AWS products for global cloud computing community. Every year Amazon event is getting bigger and bigger with growing number of attending professionals and speakers, topics, networking events and technology sessions! Keynote speaker, AWS CEO Andy Jassy, gave us some numbers and facts about current situation of Amazon Web Services and announced updates. Services and features they offer in 2017…hats off to AWS, I’m completely blown away! Of course he wasn’t the only one presenting during the conference. You can check out other keynote speakers of AWS re:Invent 2017 and the video presentations here. But before you grab a bowl of popcorn and curl up under a blanket, scroll down and take a look at the summary of AWS Products of 2017 and how we can use them!

AWS Products of 2017


List of AWS Products

Amazon SageMaker ⇔ service that enables work with machine learning algorithms

AWS DeepLens   AI camera for developers

Amazon Rekognition Video ⇔ recognition of the image in video files

Amazon Transcribe ⇔ you can change your voice to text

Amazon Translate ⇔ high quality language translation

Amazon Comprehend ⇔ recognition of the speech context

Alexa for Business ⇔ assistant for work

Amazon Aurora Serverless ⇔ a database that scales to our needs

DynamoDB ⇔  NoSQL database service

Neptune graph ⇔  database as a service

Amazon Sumerian ⇔ service that enables creation of scenes for AR / VR

AWS Elemental MediaConvert ⇔ change of audio / video formats

AWS Elemental MediaLive ⇔ live video encoding

AWS Elemental MediaPackage ⇔ creating multiple video outputs from one input

AWS Elemental MediaStore ⇔ new storage for videos with cache

AWS Elemental MediaTailor   adding ads to video on the server side

AWS Cloud9 ⇔ a cloud – based IDE that enables you to write, run, and debug your code with just a browser

Amazon S3 Select ⇔ store and retrieve your data whenever and wherever you need

Glacier Select ⇔ cloud storage service for retrieving subsets of objects

AWS Marketplace ⇔ an online store that helps customers to sell or buy software

Amazon GuardDuty ⇔ continuous security monitoring & threat detection

Amazon Macie ⇔ security service to protect your sensitive data

AWS Fargate ⇔ a system for hosting containers without worrying about servers

Amazon EKS ⇔ scalable Kubernetes service

Bare-Metal EC2 M5 and the H1 Instances ⇔ they have direct access to hardware

VMware Cloud ⇔ to run production applications across VMware vSphere®-based cloud environments

Amazon MQ ⇔ ActiveMQ as a service

AWS AppSync ⇔ serverless GraphQL with real-time data synchronization – you can learn more about GraphQL and why you should use it for your next mobile application from our previous article !

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams ⇔ buffer and indexer for video streams

Amazon Time Sync Service ⇔ a time synchronization service for EC2


Please let me know if I missed anything!




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