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4 Top CRM Trends for 2017

A few years ago CRM systems failed to inspire users with their appearance and functionality. All this has changed dramatically in recent years – top CRM systems really do care about giving the best in User Experience. Let’s take a look back through 2017 and mention the top CRM trends on the horizon.


.27 October 2017

#1 Artificial Intelligence in the spotlight

Not too long ago the idea of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business was considered as something from Star Trek rather than a real possibility. Nowadays, most of the big players, like SalesforceOracle and Microsoft, are using CRM solutions together with modules based on AI. What can we gain? Effectiveness in every department of the company. We can use AI algorithms to extend the development of systems supporting sales, marketing and customer service, with prediction models. Interesting, right? As an example, we can use Google’s autocomplete option – contextual aids which appear in the search engine window when we start to type text. Also, if we take a look at the automotive industry, manufacturers equip subsequent models with systems that analyze the situation not only around the car, but also reacting to traffic information and recommending the optimal route. Artificial Intelligence is becoming an everyday thing, and the standard.

#2 Mobile is king

Thanks to the mobility of the system communication within your company is transparent and continuous. Employees are able to share information with others, therefore can respond rapidly to the needs of the customer. It allows you to create offers or orders relating to the history of cooperation with the client, and it can generate reports according to selected parameters. I assure you that all of this makes life easier regarding customer service. Generating reports are invaluable in terms of defining the next steps and priorities in your company/client relationship. You can mass-message your contrahents and manage your product’s catalogue. In short, everything you need.

Integration- Top CRM Trends for 2017

#3 Better, Faster, Stronger and…Tighter

Almost a year ago The Sunday Business Post said that CRM systems will start to use data not only statistically but also dynamically, by using elements of AI. Therefore, the CRM system would be able to analyze existing data and compile it with historical data. What do we gain then? Forecasts for the future of each customer so we can offer the best possible action for the trader to implement a sales plan. Nowadays we have all that, so we can see how CRM systems are growing and will master the world. Better integration enables full data transparency for both sellers and marketers. For example, sellers will know all about marketing activities based on customer data on which they work with in the CRM system. Marketers will immediately receive information about potential new customers entering the CRM system, where they can start marketing campaigns.

#4 Vertical CRM takeover

There is no doubt that we need highly specialized CRMs that are suitable for industry specific solutions with bespoke customization. CRM managers offer solutions for manufacturing, transportation, finance, healthcare, eCommerce and many other verticals. Instead of getting a various number of features you receive system with a high degree of verticalized customizations. Their offer includes workflow processes and best practices for your specific industry. This information will enable a company to focus on deepening their capabilities that differentiate them from other companies, instead of setting fundamentals that should already be established. Moreover, vertical CRMs take away the development cost from the end user. If your goal is to boost your sales effectiveness and manage contacts in an a smart way, and improving customer service in the meantime… here you go!



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